Ayodolapo Ajao

Director of Strategy and Operations

Olu Ayodolapo Ajao is an enthusiastic, decisive; extra-miler who believes that fear is not for man.

He is an example of a passionate leader with high people skill, courage and possibility thinking.

Starting out, Ayodolapo developed a persistent spirit believing that for a fulfilled life style, it is important we live life deliberately because nothing just happens.

He has a strong drive for excellence and sustainable growth that causes amazement serving as role model.

Is a competent facilitator & trainer providing capacity building services to a client base drawn from the religious, public, private & non-profit sectors.

Within his history is a first degree from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria. A Fellow of International Management Consultant (FIMC), with a Master Management Consultant (MMC) license from the International Management Consultants Board, Fellow of Institute of Management Consultant. He is the director of Consultants Academy International (CAI) the premier Consultants institution in Africa.

He has emerged a 21st century model gentle man with a competitive edge in leadership, business development and strategic management.

He devotes his life-creating individual and corporate transformation for peak performance.

Ayodolapo was part of the fourteen selected participant of the season one of the weekly television reality show in 2009: The Debaters, an oratory contest watched in over 46 nations with millions of viewers.

He recently joined TINSEL TV series as an actor, with an impeccable poise and panache, he is irresistible.

Ayodolapo is a man of many part, as he works with a passion for small business and organisational development with a working experience in Africa development projects, for over ten years he has been offered both full time and part time consulting / services to growing organisations. A SME master strategist, sales negotiator and e-commerce expert.

He lives and works in the city of Lagos Nigeria